User agreement

Consent to the processing of personal data of the personal data subject

You hereby, acting on your own will and in your own interest, grant the limited liability Company "TST" (INN1841015504, located at the address: Russian Federation, 426063, Izhevsk, ul. Vorovskogo, 130, the right (consent) to the processing of Your personal data and their transfer to third parties.
You hereby confirm that you are familiar with the purposes of processing Your personal data: the processing of personal data will be carried out in Your interests, including for the purpose of offering (advertising) products to You, for the purpose of conducting surveys, questionnaires, advertising and marketing research in relation to products, by providing direct feedback to You using the contact information provided by You.
This right (consent) is granted to perform any actions with respect to Your personal data that are necessary and desirable to achieve the above goals, including, without limitation, collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (transfer) (including transfer to persons as described below), depersonalization, blocking and destruction of personal data, which means all data provided by You.
You hereby confirm that you are notified that the processing of personal data is carried out in any way, including using automation tools (including software) and without using automation tools (using various physical media, including paper media).
It is hereby specifically stipulated that if it is necessary to provide your personal data to third parties in order to provide you with answers to your questions and timely individual suggestions, You consent to the transfer of Your personal data.
The basis for processing personal data is Article 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; article 6 of Federal law No. 152-FZ "on personal data", and other Federal laws and regulations.
Consent to the processing of personal data can be revoked at any time by sending a notification via the feedback form, which is available on the site marked in the message " withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data.
This consent is valid from the date of its signing until the day of withdrawal in writing.