15 years – great flight up! ZALA AERO celebrates anniversary.

ZALA AERO – the leading manufacturer of unmanned systems in Russia, celebrates its 15th anniversary. Today ZALA unmanned systems are widely known in Russia and abroad, ZALA representative offices are located in many Russian cities, Kazakhstan and South America. Every two weeks ZALA UAVs travel the distance that is equal to equator and every year they complete more than 30 thousands flight missions.

Right from the start

A history of the company starts in the early 2000-s from a strong team, joined together with common hobby. Their passion and hard work produced significant results – in two years the team presented five types of unmanned aircraft vehicles at MAKS airshow.

In 2008 they created ZALA 421-08 – which is still a highly demanded UAV thanks to its multi-functionality and failure-free operation. Its simple use and reliability may be compared with Kalashnikov gun.

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From hobby to a strong business

Since then the company staff grew from 5 people to 270. ZALA AERO opened new representative offices and customer services in Russia and abroad, organized a flight teams chain throughout the country, founded a Training center. The company developed and implemented full production cycle – ZALA AERO designs and manufactures printed boards, payloads, communication devices, mobile stations and vehicle based control stations, develops software.

Today ZALA product line includes tactical, reconnaissance, striking unmanned systems, anti-drone solutions, communication devices and mobile stations. In its class ZALA unmanned systems successfully compete with global UAV manufacturers.

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Running ahead of time

Under their main idea “Do not keep up with the times, be in a step ahead of time” ZALA AERO specialists constantly improve their unmanned systems, develop new solutions. This year they introduced new course of development – ZALA loitering munitions of LANCET and KYB family, which attracted an extensive interest of foreign experts.

Highly qualified and friendly staff is the company core value and main success factor in such complicated area like aviation, with its cutting-edge technologies, rough requirements and strict regulations. Strong corporate culture, mutual respect and support, professionalism and devotion to common ideas allow to move forward and win.

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