A fire-setter was captured by ZALA 421-16E

Forestry Department of Tyumen region has published video, recorded by UAV ZALA 421-16E, that helped to catch a fire-setter.

From the altitude of more than 800 meters  it is easy to see the yellow car and dry grass in the field that already started to burn.

The next moment  violator moves forward, steps out of his car and starts new fires in several places.
The fire was fully extinguished immediately, and the vandal is expected to pay a fine, defined by law.

Now the region comes into fire season, that is why the Forestry Department takes special fire protection measures. Under the governmental statement, local citizens are prohibited to walk in forests and start there a fire, burn their own waste or dry grass within public territories.

The violation of the fire protection rules is punished by fines.

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