Academy of the Federal Guards Service purchased REX-1

ZALA AERO won a tender to supply anti-drone REX-1, which was organized by Academy of the Federal Guards Service, city of Orel, Russia. Administration of the Academy is going to use REX-1 to train students – they will complete tactical missions to neutralize spy drones.

REX-1 – is a lightweight and compact device, which suppresses drone control and data transfer channel within 500 m. It also suppresses satellite navigation system (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO) within 2 km range. As a result, the drone is unable to navigate by SNS signals. REX-1 is also can be used to neutralize any other devices that operate by SNS signals.

Last year anti-drone REX-1 completed laboratory tests and was certified to be safe for human operator. REX-1 corresponds to Sanitary Regulations and Standards of Russia.

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