Application of unmanned aerial systems ZALA in the interests of Rosneft Oil Company

Since 2014, ZALA AERO started implementing projects in the fuel and energy complex using unmanned aerial systems as well as begun performing remote sensing of the earth in the interests of Rosneft Oil Company. Now, the Customer has a unique opportunity to receive up-to-date information about the state of oil and gas production and transportation facilities.

During the long period of aero-technical monitoring at the Customer's facilities, more than 41 000 flights were performed and more than 8 000 000 kilometers of linear objects, as well as adjacent infrastructure, were surveyed. The main tasks are the prompt detection of oil spills, violations of the integrity and damage to pipelines, unauthorized actions by third parties, control over construction and installation works, etc.

As of today, ZALA AERO technology have been applied in 11 subsidiaries of Rosneft Oil Company.

In the process of aerial monitoring, video or thermal imaging is performed in real-time to detect and identify violations or technological deviations followed by prompt notification of the Customer. Simultaneously performed aerial photography with decryption of images helps to get more information about the status of the surveyed facilities. By the Customer's request, aerial photography is carried out with the construction of an orthophoto map of infrastructure sites.

For automatic decryption of monitoring materials, ZALA AERO introduced «GeoGraphics» - specialized software based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The application of software provides improvement of quality and acceleration of information processing time, minimization of the human factor, and reduction in the labor intensity of preparing reports.

There are more than 40 flight teams are involved at the facilities of Rosneft Oil Company, which perform all the necessary tasks related to the use of unmanned aircraft systems. During the process of monitoring, flight teams mainly used unmanned aerial systems based on the ZALA 421-16E UAV and its modifications, which are selected depending on the requirements and tasks of the Customer.

ZALA AERO constantly increases the geography of work, develops new technologies in the field of unmanned aerial systems, data processing, and customized solutions for the Customer's needs. Recently, ZALA AERO has conducted pilot tests of the methane leak detection system and air laser scanning technology that improve production and economic efficiency in the oil and gas facilities.

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