Software for working with Big Data and the application of Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software allows performing a deeper and more efficient analysis of Big Data generated using drones. ZALA AERO not only develops such solutions but also successfully applies them in real conditions for several years. Our platform has repeatedly proven its effectiveness and has helped to qualitatively transform the production processes of customers.

ZALA AERO GROUP is constantly expanding the capabilities of its digital technologies to meet the needs of the Customers. In 2020, a huge amount of work was done to update software solutions for information and analytical support of enterprises in the fuel and energy complex.

The main software products of ZALA form a complex of technological and technical solutions:
- solution for the automatic interpretation of aerial photography results;
- application for detecting changes in the terrain;
- a global monitoring system that combines the functions of data processing, storage, and transmission.


The processing speed of aerial photography materials has increased by 20 times. The software allows immediately after the completion of the flight to analyze photographs, search and classify several dozen types of anomalies, and prepare reports on the detected deviations. For aerial patrolling of extended objects, for example, pipelines, it is possible to determine the boundaries of the security zone and the zone of minimum distances, which significantly increases the effectiveness of detecting violations in the area of interest.


The introduction of the software for searching for changes made it possible to obtain complete information about the state of the earth's surface at different periods of time. The use of a combination of various algorithms for computer vision and machine learning made it possible to significantly reduce the processing speed and improve the accuracy of determining objects of various classes.


The use of the global monitoring system in the technological processes of the enterprise allows to increase the speed of management decision-making, improve the interaction between production units, as well as organize work with the Contractor. The software provides access to information at all stages of air patrolling: viewing online broadcasts, the results of automatic decryption, orthophotos, photo, and video materials, and detected changes. The customer receives prompt access to all monitoring materials of its infrastructure for timely measures to eliminate identified violations.

A high technological level in accordance with the standards of oil and gas companies was achieved with the help of hardware cryptographic protection systems. Data is transmitted in encrypted form, thus ensuring confidentiality and information security.

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