COVID-19 pandemic in Peru: ZALA AERO unmanned systems control social distancing

ZALA AERO representative office in Peru uses ZALA unmanned systems to patrol cities, control people maintaining social distance and provide security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with Peruvian Army they monitor Lima with ZALA unmanned systems. The live video stream is displayed on the control station screens. Using these data they can track any movement on the city streets.

New cognitive technologies, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, are used to detect people and objects on the video. The high-end software, developed by ZALA AERO, analyzes the video stream, recognizes people, vehicles, building, etc. and then automatically sends notification.

The new technologies now help officials to control the situation and early detect any suspicious activity and prevent illegal actions to slow down the global COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the “touch-me-not” environment.

ZALA AERO GROUP is the leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned systems, payloads and mobile stations in Russia.

Currently there are over 1,000 ZALA UAS being operated all over the world for aerial surveillance: EO/IR video monitoring, aerial imaging, laser scanning.
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