ZALA AERO systems are successfully operating in South America

The modified unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with HD video cameras to obtain detailed images from the air, and an on-board computer, which allows them to quickly process the received data and transmit them to a ground control station.

zala aero group peru 1.jpg

Experts from Peru successfully apply their skills in managing updated UAV models, using software for photo and video processing, reporting, and maintenance of unmanned aerial vehicles.

zala aero group peru 2.jpg

For six years of work in Peru, ZALA unmanned systems have proven themselves in such areas of application as environmental monitoring, coordination of search and rescue operations, public notification, as well as for creating and updating the cartographic material of the area.

In 2019, ZALA unmanned aerial vehicles surveyed the Nazca geoglyphs in southern Peru and entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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