Drone with an alarm system helps to notify amateur fishermen about the danger of being on the ice

Today, the wing-type UAV was urgently launched into the sky over the Sea of Okhotsk. With the help of an alarm system payload, amateur fishermen were notified of the danger of being on the ice.

This method of response was used by specialists of the Sakhalin Agency of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations for the first time this year due to the extreme threat of separation of coastal ice and solder. The danger occurred off the south-eastern coast of Sakhalin from Cape Svobodny to the village of Starodubskoye.

There are now about 300 amateur fishermen in the danger zone. At the moment, there is a rescue operation of 8 fishermen in the Makarovsky district, who were on a torn ice floe, 3 of whom are women.

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