Federal National Guard control self-isolation using ZALA UAS

National Guard officers are ensuring the compliance of the lockdown in Moscow and Moscow region using ZALA drones. This was published on their website on May, 3. 
All information about illegal activities is transferred to patrol, who take all necessary measures. Later they draw up official report on administrative violation.

Acoording to the message, “During May holidays  to ensure law and order and take preventive actions in Moscow and Moscow region, National Guard Troops of the Central Districts use a copter and fixed-wing drones to survey the situation”.
Also the press-service noted that all taken measures are intended to maintain order during coronavirus pandemic. 

It should be reminded that in Moscow self-isolation mode was announced on the 30th of March. People can leave their houses only for essential reasons. Since April 15th citizens need a pass to move through the city by public transport or car. These measures are aimed to slow down the coronavirus spreading.

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