Federal University of Crimea purchased ZALA unmanned system

The Academy of biological resourses of The Crimea Federal University has purchased ZALA 421-16E2 unmanned system for aerial imagery and mapping the farm lands. The supply kit also includes a payload with two cameras.

There are more than 3 thousand ha of farming lands under the supervision of the Academy, where they cultivate grain, vinery, olives and other plants. Implementing ZALA unmanned systems they are going to increase the farming productivity, reduce costs for fertilization and plant protecting substances, define the area that requires extra irrigation.

Using aerial imagery they will create orthophotomosaic maps, relief 3D models and vegetation index maps. This will let them to estimate the condition of plants and soil, get quantative and qualitative measures, form the basis for adaptive agriculture and digital farming.

Extensive educational and production resource base of the Academy, application of high-end technologies and practical experience are the main factors for successful education and prepare professional personnel, who in the nearest future will have to solve difficult problems of agriculture industry.

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