“Kalashnikov” presented precision UAV weapon system “ZALA LANCET”

Kalashnikov is presenting new precision UAV weapon system “ZALA LANCET” at the international forum “Army 2019”. Testing of this UAV system is already completed.

 “ZALA LANCET” is a smart multipurpose weapon, capable of autonomously finding and hitting a target. The weapon system consists of precision strike component, reconnaissance, navigation and communications modules. It creates its own navigation field and does not require ground or sea-based infrastructure.

 “ZALA LANCET” is equipped with several targeting systems: coordinate system, optoelectronic system and combined system. Also, this UAV can transmit video, which allows to confirm successful target engagement. Detonator of the strike component has a pre-contact action system. Operational range of the UAV is 40 kilometers. Maximum gross takeoff weight is 12 kilograms.

 “ZALA LANCET” UAV significantly enhances national security of the country and has significant export potential.

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