Keep up with the times: a drone with artificial intelligence

Flight data processing is the most energy-intensive and long-term operation in the complex of works of unmanned aircraft systems. To reduce data processing time, ZALA AERO has developed AIVI - intelligent object detection and recognition software.

AIVI has no analogs in the world and is necessary where every second is valuable, which can save more than one human life. Artificial intelligence processes the visual information of the video stream on board during a flight task of an unmanned vehicle without transmitting data to the ground control station.

The technology can detect and recognize multiple static and moving objects by class and type in real-time. Because of the neural networks, AIVI continuously learns to recognize incoming objects.

Modular cameras, together with artificial intelligence, analyze the entire underlying surface under the aircraft. The use of AIVI increases the monitoring area by 60 times in a single flight by obtaining a comprehensive video image from multiple cameras simultaneously with a 360°viewing angle. The system is used in conjunction with the existing ZALA payloads, while significantly decreasing the data processing time and reducing the load on the operator when performing the task.

Compatibility of the program with existing platforms and operating systems provides an authorized user with access to data, analyses, and reports from anywhere in the world.

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