Liza Alert volunteers started a training course at ZALA AERO

Volunteers of search-and-rescue organization Liza Alert has arrived to ZALA AERO Training center to study operation of ZALA unmanned system 421-08M.

A special training program is developed for the volunteers, concerning the aspects of application and the challenges they deal with. ZALA AERO instructors will teach them how to operate the unmanned aerial vehicle and methods to detect and track a human in different conditions.

During education flights Liza Alert rescuers will train the coordination of flight team and ground groups, work different scenarios of search and rescue missions, supported by UAS. Volunteers will stay in a comfortable rooms in a hostel, that belongs to the Training center.

We hope that ZALA unmanned systems and our joint efforts will help the volunteers in their challenging and critical everyday activity, which main result is saved human lives.

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