Application of ZALA AERO UAVs for monitoring the power transmission line of "Rosseti Tyumen"

In the age of digitalization, the use of unmanned aerial systems is becoming more popular due to the possibility of saving the energy, time, and money of businesses. One of the areas of application of ZALA drones is the Electric Power Industry.

Our partners from "Rosseti Tyumen" use the ZALA unmanned systems to survey the condition of overhead line supports and insulators. The drone flies over the specified routes, examining the condition of power lines and transmitting the image from the UAV to the monitor of the ground control station in online mode.

Assessment of the wire's condition and insulators at any time of the day, as well as in bad weather conditions, ZALA AERO uses payloads with a thermal imaging camera that can determine the temperature of an object with an accuracy of up to 2°C. When power transmission line discrepancies are found, a report card is created with the exact coordinates of defects, based on which the customer sends a group of field electricians to eliminate the inconsistencies.

This type of monitoring is the most suitable for this area since the main power lines can pass through rugged swamps and water-filled valleys, which require several days of an autonomous hike to inspect. ZALA systems require a few minutes to be ready for deployment, which not only saves money but also can eliminate the possibility of incidents on the power lines.

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