ZALA AERO GROUP presents a new generation of unmanned systems that have no counterpart in Russia based on these new capabilities. The systems received updated payloads, a built-in onboard computer, the most efficient engines, and other upgrades to improve technical and tactical characteristics. The flight duration of the new generation UAV increased by 15% due to the use of "smart" batteries. The updated UAVs are now equipped with a repeater in the basic configurations, which increases the range of application of the aerial complex to more than 100 km.

Full HD video transmission

The new generation ZALA UAVs are equipped with a powerful onboard computer, which allows you to transmit more information during the flight. The computer processes and stores data on-board in Full HD format and simultaneously transmit an HD video image in the visible and thermal range to the operator. The transmitted data is fully encrypted. Archives production and video image broadcasting are performed under the STANAG 4609 International Standard. The operator can now generate a 30-second real-time report from the video and IR camera to the ground control station in Full HD resolution while the UAV is operating.

Minimum signal delay

In addition to the high resolution of the video image, the minimum delay time of the video signal is one of the main criteria for comfortable work of the operator. This is the amount of time that passes between the actual shooting of the image and the moment when it is displayed on the operator's monitor. On ZALA systems, the delay is invisible to the operator. This becomes crucial when conducting aerial reconnaissance, including the escort of mobile targets.

New payloads

ZALA AERO also broadened the model payload range. The high-end EO/IR payloads were designed specifically for the new UAS series to cover all customer’s demands.

A detailed and clear video image simplifies the operator's work. The use of new unmanned systems gives a distinctive advantage when observing dynamic objects from the air – during special operations, search and rescue operations, and in situations where rapid response is required.

FULL-HD-VC_60x.jpg Z-16VHD60

HD video camera with 60X zoom and high sensitivity mode.

Smart video camera takes the DRI standards up to the next level.

Now at the altitude of 2000 m you can not only detect a human, but also identify her/him by age and gender – distinguish adult and a child, man and woman.

High sensitivity mode allows ground operator to survey area and see every detail during twilight when the day cameras usually deliver unclear video.

FULL-HD-VC_20x-_IR.jpg Z-16VHD20-IRA

HD video camera with 20X zoom, high sensitivity mode, combined with thermal imager (IR), which is able to deliver visual and thermal images simultaneously.

The use of the new thermal imager will allow you to conduct a full-fledged thermal survey – to measure the temperature of objects with an accuracy of 2°C in the range from -60 to +60°C.

The universal payload can solve tasks at any time of the day (day or night).

Now just in few minutes you can unveil any hidden objects associated with energy efficiency and heat loss on large facilities – construction areas, pipelines, power lines and so on.


HD thermal imager with a video camera is a new unique thermal imaging module that transmits the infrared (IR) image in HD format (1024x768).

The matrix resolution, high sensitivity, and digital noise filtering allow you to see the smallest details on the IR image, view the object in great detail.

The image from the video camera and thermal imager can be simultaneously transmitted to the ground station. The payload is functionally integrated with the automatic target tracking module and the terrain coordinate determination module.

Z-16E5VHD60-IRA2 HD.jpg Z-16E5VHD60-IRA2

HD video camera with 60X zoom combined with two thermal imagers and a laser designator.

The presence of two thermal imagers allows you to simultaneously observe a clear target picture and overall theater. This function allows you to specify the location of the observed object.

It is a unique feature when working with artillery firing, conducting search and rescue operations.

The IR laser module allows you to correct the actions of ground groups at night.

Z-16E5VHD60-IRA2 HD.jpgZ-16E5VHD60-IRK

HD video camera with 60X zoom combined with HD thermal imager and a laser designator.

The payload is equipped with an HD video camera with 60X zoom and an HD thermal imager of 1280x1024. The matrix resolution, high sensitivity, and digital noise filtering allow you to see the smallest details on the IR image, view the object in great detail.

It combines all the advantages of the best video and IR target loads.

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