Pilot operation of ZALA UAS for methane leaks detection

ZALA unmanned system has passed a pilot operation on the facilities of Gazprom transgas Ekaterinburg, as was tasked by Gazprom – a global energy company based in Russia. The main purpose of the works was to confirm that system operability corresponds to the customer’s requirements and approve its ability to detect methane on an industrial scale.   

ZALA UAS 421-16E surveyed the pipelines and facilities at the altitude of 100 m. Specific payload – a gas detecting system by Pergam-Engineering allows to find methane leaks and separate it from natural background. The leak location is displayed on ground control station in real-time mode.

During the pilot operation ZALA flight team observed more than 1000 km of facilities lines areas. The result of the works – is a proven technology, ready for implementation.

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