Primorsky Air Base has purchased ZALA unmanned systems

Primorsky air base heads over to unmanned aerial surveillance to protect forests from fires and illegal activities. For that purpose they have bought UAS ZALA 421-16E and ZALA 421-16E2 equipped with 60-x video camera, photo camera, and a thermal imaging camera.

Recently they used manned aircraft that was more expensive and less efficient. ZALA unmanned aerial systems do not require take-off runway, less sensitive to difficult weather conditions, survey the area at day and night, easy to operate and transport and what is essential for much, if not most, they quickly provide actual data that further may be analyzed and used as an evidence.

Additional equipment – ZALA radio stations and other accessories – allows to coordinate ground forces and communicate to all participants during fire-fighting monitoring. In the nearest future the staff of Primorsky Air Base will complete a training course at ZALA Educational Center. A special training program is developed according to their tasks and needs.

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