ZALA drones completed the 65th Russian Antarctic expedition

Modern technology proven to be a success at the seasonal 65th Russian Antarctic expedition as scientific expeditionary ship Akademik Fedorov returned to the port of St. Petersburg.

At the Progress station, in permafrost conditions, with the help of the ZALA 421-08 ARCTIC UAV, scientists conducted geological and ice exploration, created maps of the area, and monitored dangerous hydrological objects.

The total flight time of the UAV ZALA 421-08 ARCTIC during five and a half months of work came to 3033 minutes, while aerial photography of high resolution covered 134 km2 of survey area.

The Antarctic meteorological situation is not stable, but the unmanned aerial systems of the ARCTIC series are resistant to frosts down to -50°C and winds up to 20 m / s.

According to the results of the expedition, the exploitation of the ZALA 421-08 ARCTIC system is positive and effective in severe weather conditions of the Antarctic continent.

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