Testing of methane leak detection at the production sites of JSC Samotlorneftegaz

In early October 2020, ZALA AERO completed pilot tests on the linear part of pipelines and production sites of JSC Samotlorneftegaz. The main task of the tests is to detect methane leaks on time to take prompt actions to eliminate them.

The object of pilot tests was a complex of an unmanned aircraft ZALA 421-16E fixed-wing type with a payload "DLS-LA”, for detection of locations and concentrations of methane leaks, as well as software that processes obtained data.

During two flight days, work was carried out on the survey of infrastructure facilities of JSC Samotlorneftegaz located in the region with swampy terrain. The DLS-LA methane detection system installed on ZALA UAV showed high application efficiency due to the precise stabilization of the device and its ability to cut off the area of methane leakage from the natural background.

During the flight, data on the location and the value of the excess of methane content in the atmosphere were transmitted to the Customer's representatives in real-time, for prompt response and confirmation of the measurement results, followed by drawing up report cards of identified "violations."

In 2018, the gas analysis system has already been tested on a helicopter-type UAV applying contact-type payload to search for harmful chemical leaks. The traditional type for inspecting methane leaks involves the use of manned aircraft, but with an adaptation of the technology on unmanned aerial vehicles ZALA makes it more cost-effective and efficient as it requires less time to organize and carry out work to detect violations at pipelines and production sites.

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