Searching for missing people with ZALA UAS

An old woman in Astrakhan region left her home and never came back. Her relatives applied to law enforcement authorities and informed them, that the woman suffered from memory loss.

During the search operation it was established that the woman was seen by workers of an agriculture farm in Chagan village. The search operation was supported by aerial surveillance of ZALA unmanned systems and the missing person was found an hour later in nearby forest. She successfully was brought back to her relatives.

Also last year in July, officers of National Guard of Russia used ZALA unmanned systems to search for a woman, who got lost in forest . The officers together with policemen found her in the forest of Bolsheuluysky region.

On July the 6th her husband applied to police. He said that his 38-year old wife went to forest to pick berries and had not come back. The search operation was complicated by bogs so they had to use aerial unmanned systems.

The aerial survey at night with thermal imaging camera quickly discovered position of the lost woman. And then she also was brought back home.

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