Technologies at a height: ZALA AERO GROUP at International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2020”

ZALA AERO GROUP annually participates in the International Forum "Army." In 2020, the company introduced an updated range of products for both unmanned aircraft systems and specialized digital solutions.

The main event of 2020 was the complete update of the ZALA AERO product line, which has no counterparts in Russia. The systems received updated payloads, a built-in onboard computer, the most efficient engines, and other upgrades to improve technical and tactical characteristics. The flight duration of the new generation UAV increased by 15% due to the use of "smart" batteries. The updated UAVs are now equipped with a repeater in the basic configurations, which increases the range of application of the aerial complex. The onboard computer provides several unique functions that were previously unavailable for this class of UAVs. These features include real-time HD video streaming, full HD video recording on an encrypted solid-state drive with a volume of more than 500 gigabytes, dual-radio dial, a 5-level navigation system, and a unique system for detecting and identifying objects on a video or photos based on artificial intelligence.

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The ZALA 421-16EV vertical take-off and landing UAV has become the first unmanned ZALA system built on the new hardware and software platform of the 4th generation. The complex is designed as a "VTOL" type UAV that combines proven solutions of the flagship line ZALA 421-16E and the latest scientific and technical developments of the company. This system is suitable to work in forested and swampy areas due to the ability to launch and land UAVs without specially-equipped launch platform. Today, more than 50 systems of this type are operated in the harsh regions of the Far North and Eastern Siberia. Combining all the best from helicopter and aircraft types of UAVs, this new product, of course, has become a representative of a new era in the development of unmanned aircraft technology.

A new software product based on artificial intelligence – automatic decryption system – has been added to ZALA's line of digital solutions. The system allows you to quickly and efficiently detect changes of any size in images of the earth's surface without complex and routine manual operations. Another innovation of this year is the 4Z1 service - a solution for centralized storage, processing, and transmission of information materials obtained from the results of UAVs flights.

New-generation aircraft and target loads, as well as specialized ZALA AERO software, meet the International Standard STANAG 4609. The system allows you to divide the levels of access to the received information and the functionality of a UAV from simple viewing of a real-time video stream to full control of the aircraft.

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Within the framework of the International Technical Forum, ZALA AERO will present a training complex for UAV operators. The simulator opens up new opportunities for training specialists to the basics of flight and methods of using various ZALA UAV systems. The Virtual Reality add-on module turns the simulator into a full-fledged flight simulator that allows operators to perform initial training, teach additional skills, and regularly maintain their qualifications at a high level. The system enables to simulate flights of any complexity under various meteorological conditions, as well as under the influence of external factors, such as radio interference.

ZALA AERO invites you to meet with all new products at the exhibition within the International Military-Technical Forum "ARMY-2020", located in the Kalashnikov demo center.

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