Training flights of the ZALA AERO UAV took place in the Sakhalin region

In early November, ZALA AERO took part in training flights for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Sakhalin region. Fixed-wing UAVs will be used to search for missing people and emergencies.

Unmanned aircraft are equipped with payloads with an HD video camera with a thermal imager, and an alarm system. The payload with a thermal imager will allow searching for people at night and in poor weather conditions, where conventional equipment cannot do it. An unmanned aerial system with a modern sound module for alerting the population from the air will transmit important audio messages and warn of the danger of fishing on thin ice.

HD video images from the UAV will be transmitted to the ground control station in real-time for immediate decision-making, which is especially important in emergencies.

Zala AERO unmanned systems have been in service with emergency services in different regions of Russia for many years and provide rescue services with information about the ground situation and possible threats to the population.

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