Transneft company visits ZALA AERO

Delegation of Transneft , one of the largest Russian oil companies, arrived in Izhevsk today on April 23d. The delegation was head by Transneft Vice-President Pavel Revel-Muroz and General Director of Transneft Kama Region – Robert Galiev.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with production capabilities of Udmurt Republic manufacturers and establish cooperation. Guests were shown ZALA unmanned systems production and were demonstrated new technologies.

ZALA AERO presented a package solution, developed for oil and gas companies basing on a wide accumulated experience: ZALA unmanned systems survey 5 million km of oil and gas infrastructure per year. The monitoring system was developed concerning the new trends of oil and gas companies towards digitalization and automation of all production stages, digital twins creation and intelligent oil field.

Besides, ZALA AERO specialists demonstrated results of their work at Transneft Baltic company, which were obtained during ZALA UAS experimental trials in Smolensk and Leningrad regions.

Transneft representatives estimated the possibilities and wide opportunities, offered by ZALA unmanned surveillance.

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