Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ZALA 421-16EV HD

The new vertical take-off and landing unmanned system ZALA 421-16EV is the " VTOL" type UAV - a hybrid of aircraft and helicopter. The complex provides a great potential for monitoring and aerial photography of any hard-to-reach places and area objects.

The UAV is easy to operate, it is lightweight and can stay in the air for up to 2 hours, and has a cruising speed of up to 110 km/h. Its main advantage is that there is no need to use a specially-equipped launch platform. As well ZALA 421-16EV has full compatibility with new target loads, ground controls, software, and hardware solutions of the ZALA UAV model range.

The unmanned system ZALA 421-16EV HD combines the latest technical developments of the company - it broadcasts a video stream in HD format, which allows the operator on the ground station to view the streaming video image in all details.

For the first time on a UAV of this class, ZALA uses a built-in onboard computer, which provides the following features:
-       transmission of video in HD quality; 
-        the ability to simultaneously record three channels of video in Full HD; 
-       the possibility of simultaneous transmission of two video streams (Video+IR);
-       automatic target tracking (AI); 
-       digital image stabilization;
-       hold of the position by video images in automatic mode without the presence of the satellite navigation system (GNSS); 
-       transfer photos (of about 24 megapixels) or the video report card in Full HD on ground station by the operator; 
-       organization of the archives and broadcast to STANAG 4609; 
-       an encrypted solid-state drive (SDD) 500 GB.

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