Unmanned aerial vehicles ZALA took part in a military-technical experiment

ZALA AERO GROUP took part in comparative tests of initiatively developed unmanned aerial systems representing the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The company confirmed declared tactical and technical characteristics and demonstrated unique capabilities of unmanned systems such as: the use of a small-sized complex ZALA 421-08M, transmission of video and thermal imaging communication channels in HD format in real time, the use of combined target loads, its own alternative navigation system and signal relay using UAV.

The soldiers have tested ZALA mobile training complex, where the cadets successfully completed express training as an operator of ground-based UAV controls. As a result of the military-scientific experiment, the military personnel performed independent control of the unmanned complex, including the stages of the UAV’s launch and landing, targets search and recognition, as well as, self-preparation of flight missions.

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