Virtual reality for efficient and safe operation on the ground and in the air

At ZALA AERO Сertified Training Center, the training of highly qualified professionals is a priority. For this purpose, there was developed the first in Russia simulator with a virtual reality (VR) mode for practicing the skills of operating a UAV.

The virtual reality mode turns the software and hardware module into a full-fledged flight simulator, which allows regularly to maintain the qualification of operators at a high level and teach additional skills to control the UAV. Initially, the simulator was intended for Technicians, allowing them to improve the skills of pre-flight and post-flight inspection of the drone. Today, the virtual reality simulator is adapted for training and practicing command actions of UAV Operators.

The simulator allows you to work out a full cycle of work with the complex from deployment to the landing of the UAV. All virtual reality objects in the simulator behave similarly to objects of material reality. The flight task is formed individually for each user, taking into account the complexity of the task, the type of controlled UAV, weather conditions, and terrain for conducting the simulated flight.

The VR simulator is also used for advanced training and retraining of Operators in the management of UAVs.

The introduction of a virtual reality simulator maximizes the effectiveness of training in the classroom while eliminating all production risks.

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