ZALA AERO and flight safety

Since 2020, ZALA AERO GROUP has been operating a Flight Safety Service that ensures the safe performance of aerial operations. ZALA AERO adheres to international standards in terms of flight safety when performing aerial operations. The main goal of the Flight Safety Service is to exclude aviation accidents and incidents during the performance of work.

The service operates in accordance with the requirements of ICAO standards. The Flight Safety Service performs continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the achieved level of flight safety, assists in conducting investigations and proceedings with aviation events that occurred at other UAV operators. Responsible for the implementation and operation of the "Safety Management System" and the "Multi-layered system of measures to prevent accidents". These measures make it possible to minimize the risks that arise in everyday activities during the operation of UAVs.

The use of international ICAO standards will allow ZALA AERO to seamlessly integrate unmanned aircraft systems into the non-segregated airspace of manned and unmanned aircraft.

ZALA AERO cooperates with the international advisory and analytical agency "Flight Safety". The Agency provides information, advisory and analytical services in the field of flight safety in the region of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

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