ZALA AERO and Liza Alert demonstrated how to search for missing people at the International Volunteer Forum

ZALA AERO together with volunteer organization Liza Alert took part on the International Volunteer Forum in Sochi – an event, that gathered almost 7 000 visitors from 80 countries.

Volunteers and specialists of ZALA flight team taught a “field class” for the Forum’s participants how to use radio communication, navigate in unknown area, demonstrated them how ground search teams and unmanned systems flight team cooperate with each other, methods of searching for missing people in different conditions.

ZALA AERO showed unmanned systems ZALA 421-16E and ZALA 421-16E2 with thermal imaging camera, video camera and a photo camera onboard.

The International Volunteer Forum in Sochi is a space for communication between volunteers and government and commercial organizations.
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