ZALA AERO at Rosneft Technical session

Rosneft chief engineers and Heads of the central office arrived in Izhevsk on the 4th of June for technical meeting.

The technical session was mainly dedicated to the issues of industrial safety and fire protection.

ZALA AERO presented proprietary solutions for 24/7 pipeline surveillance: unmanned aerial systems ZALA 421-16E, ZALA 421-16E2, payloads and software.

Rosneft specialists could watch the live video stream from ZALA UAV, and see the benefits of ZALA solutions.

The next day Stanislav Gulak, the First Deputy Director General, spoke at the meeting and described the possibilities of ZALA 421-16E5 UAS, key advantages of laser scanning and showed how ZALA software, based on artificial intelligence, automatically processes data and recognizes different types of objects.

“Our primary goal is to create safe environment for oil and gas companies. Such meetings are very important for us because it is a good opportunity to have a conversation and get a feedback”, - Stanislav Gulak said.

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