ZALA AERO continues cooperation with Rosneft subsidiary Nyaganneftegaz

ZALA AERO continues to cooperate with one of the largest oil and gas enterprises – Nyaganneftegaz, located in Khanty-Mansyisk region. ZALA unmanned systems will survey pipelines of the company in 2020 and 2021.

According to the contract, ZALA flight team will conduct aerial monitoring every week, total route length is 1236 km. The result of monitoring (photo and video materials, thermal images, orthomosaics, detailed report cards for each necessary objects) will be given to customer’s exploitation service.

In 2020 ZALA AERO is going to test new technologies, which are cost-effective and intended to increase productive efficiency of oil and gas transportation. During the tests, new developments will be demonstrated: thermal imaging camera, system for methane leakage detection, specific AI-based software for automatic objects recognition and aerial laser scanning.

ZALA AERO maintains its leading positions in the market of aerial pipelines surveillance service: ZALA unmanned systems survey facilities of more than 70% of all oil and gas companies in Russia. ZALA flight teams are based particular in every region of Russia and every day perform from 80 to 100 flights.

ZALA AERO was the first to develop aerial pipeline surveillance in Russia. For more than 9 years of everyday use the technology proved its efficiency: before implementing aerial surveillance, control of facilities was rather expensive and labor-intensive process compared to traditional methods like walking the pipelines or use of manned helicopter.

Continuous technology upgrading, use of intelligent software, development of new payloads with high-end optics allow us to deliver the best quality of remote sensing.

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