ZALA AERO demonstrated unmanned systems in Land of Leopard National Park

At the invitation of Victor Barduk, head of the Land of Leopard National Park, ZALA AERO organized demonstrational flights in the park.

Day and night flights were performed by two unmanned systems – ZALA 421-16E, ZALA 421-16E2 During the presentation unexpectedly, poachers on river were detected.

Management of the national park is going to use unmanned systems to protect the wild animals and nature, monitor hoofed animals – a nutritive reserve for leopards and Amur tigers, survey forests during fire seasons.

Among other potential possibilities for ZALA UAS application is 3D modeling of the park landscape that might be efficient for the ecosystem estimation and wildlife protection.

Representatives of Russian Far East Forestry Department also p На мероприятии также присутствовали представители Департамента лесного хозяйства Дальнего Востока.

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