ZALA AERO demonstrated unmanned systems to the government of Yamalo-nenets autonomous district

On 5th of July ZALA AERO specialists presented ZALA unmanned solutions for the government of Yamalo-nenets autonomous district, Russia.

ZALA AERO showed ZALA 421-08M – lightweight maneuverable UAV, ZALA 421-16E2 and the top UAS of company product line – ZALA 421-16E. These UAS were modified for application at low temperatures down to - 55 ºС.


Company representatives spoke about ZALA UAS capabilities and the tasks that can be solved for the region – monitoring for flood and fire protection, support of search and rescue missions, environmental monitoring and protection of public events.


In the second part, the participants of the presentation could see UAV launch and landing, operation during flight, video and photo images received from payload – HD video camera with 60-x optical zoom, 42 Mp photo camera and thermal imaging camera. They also were shown new software solutions. 


The guests were demonstrated operation of REX-1 – jamming device for protection against drones, which are as available now as consumer electronics.


ZALA unmanned systems are successfully applied in Yamalo-nenets region since 2014 they inspect oil and gas infrastructure.


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