ZALA AERO GROUP signed a cooperation agreement with MSTU CA

On March 3, 2021, the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation and the ZALA AERO GROUP signed a cooperation agreement. The fundamental goal of the agreement is to unite and coordinate efforts to improve the regulatory framework necessary for the widespread use and technical operation of unmanned aircraft systems (hereinafter referred to as UAS) and to train qualified personnel.

The meeting was attended by the Rector of the MSTU CA B. P. Eliseev and the Vice-rector for Commercial Activities and Modernization S. V. Snimshchikov. During the visit, the heads of MSTU GA got acquainted with the production facility, visited demonstration flights and the ZALA AERO training center.

"Today, unmanned aircraft fully competes with traditional air transport in cargo transportation, military activities, and environmental monitoring. The personnel market needs specialists in the operation of UAVs, Institute of Advanced Training and Personnel Certification MSTU CA has a material and technical base for training at the highest level and is pleased to offer its course for UAV operators weighing up to 30 kg." - commented the vice-rector of the university-Director of the Institute for Advanced Training and Certification of Personnel Snimshchikov S. V.

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