ZALA AERO specialists created orthophotomosaic map and 3D model of Tomsk city

ZALA AERO department of Geodesy and Carthography processed  completed the project of Tomsk city. Detailed orthophotomosaic maps and accurate 3D models are provided to the Department of Architecture and Construction of Tomsk.

Now all the materials are available to everybody on the city web portal Toms City-planning Map. The comprehensive map may be displayed in 2D and 3D modes, contains several layers with geo reference. Visual presentation of the city allows to the authorities see the condition of streets, buildings and roads, check the land-use. Citizens and tourists may use this source as a route planner and find address or location they need.

Digitalization of urban services – is the main trend line of modern cities development. Aerial photography by unmanned vehicles is the most efficient way to collect the geospatial data, needed for new services and technologies of a “Smart city”

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