ZALA AERO surveyed pipelines of Chechengazprom.

Now it’s the second year of pipelines surveillance performed by ZALA for Chechengazprom. The scheduled inspection of gas transportation facilities is aimed to detect functional failures, foreign objects or people in guarded area, clarify cadastral plans.

Geodetic ZALA UAS 421-16E, equipped with a high resolution photo camera, surveyed the gas pipeline. ZALA flight team including geodetic and cadastral engineers inspected 733.92 km of pipelines, had taken more than 300,000 images.

This object was the first one to test the new technology of aerial monitoring. The new method increased quality of obtained data. Currently all images are being processed and soon together with report files will be transferred to customer.

zala aero uas 1.jpgzala aero uas 2.jpgzala aero uas 3.jpgzala aero uas 4.jpg

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