ZALA AERO took part in Gunmaker Day celebration

Defence industry enterprises of Udmurtia organized an exhibition of their products just before the Gunmaker Day. The largest manufacturers demonstrated their legendary military equipment and latest innovative solutions.

ZALA AERO presented its developments in a pavilion, where all guests could see the popular unmanned aircraft vehicles by ZALA. Among them - ZALA 421-08M, a highly demanded UAV type thanks to its simple use, reliability and no-failure operation. Also you can see ZALA 421-08M in the city museum of Izhmash plant, which contains a unique collection of weapons and military equipment.

Anti-drone gun REX-2 was especially popular among young visitors of the exhibition and became a must-have attribute for photo sessions.

Nowadays Izhevsk is famous not only for weapon production, but also is a center of unmanned aircraft industry of Russia.

zala aero_421-08m.jpg

zala aero_2.jpg



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