ZALA AERO UAS will survey Tomskneft pipelines

ZALA AERO won a tender for aerial surveillance of Tomskneft pipelines. The project will start in January,1, 2020.

ZALA flight team will perform scheduled surveillance of Strezhevsky and Vasjugansky region to detect early any failures on the pipelines, evaluate infrastructure condition and supervise work of contractors. Aerial imagery will further be processed to create orthophotomaps and 3D models.

The customer’s responsible departments will receive reports and video records (both EO/IR) and detailed report cards for every detected failure.

For more than ten years ZALA AERO surveys pipelines of oil and gas companies. Basing on wide experience, our company developed and implemented a surveillance technology for aerial monitoring, which now is successfully used by most of the oil and gas enterprise.

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