ZALA AERO will present unmanned complex ZALA 421-24 at MAKS-2021

For the first time at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021, ZALA AERO will present the new unmanned complex ZALA 421-24.

Compact folding design provides an easy assembly of the device and quick start - no more than 120 seconds. In the full configuration, the complex weighs only 3.5 kg, so you can start it from your hands.

Such a drone can be controlled by 1 person: the set includes a functional manual controller, which allows you to work with the device even from a moving vehicle.

The unmanned complex can hold out in the air for more than 30 minutes. Built-in indication allows you to track the battery charge and predict the remaining flight time.

ZALA 421-24 has low acoustic and visual signature. The standard receiving and transmitting antenna can be supplemented with a remote antenna, which will allow you not to lose communication with the drone in mountainous areas.

The onboard computer is capable of transmitting and broadcasting a large amount of information during the flight through a duplicated noise-proof channel, which guarantees the confidentiality of materials. The efficiency of aviation monitoring is significantly increased by the autonomous operation of neural networks.

The drone is equipped with a three-axis gyro-stabilized camera payload. It allows you to hold and track the target, as well as record and transmit video in HD quality even at 10x magnification. This allows ZALA 421-24 to be used when solving problems related to mapping, conducting observation and patrol flights, monitoring the situation in case of emergencies.

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