ZALA drones protect national park from fire in Primorye

Now ZALA unmanned systems survey the Land Of The Leopard - National park in Primorye region. ZALA drones, being invisible in the sky, will detect fire setters, who endanger the rare animals – leopards and tigers.

The use of unmanned systems became possible under the cooperation the Primorye air base and support of Far Eastern Leopards autonomous organization. The modern equipment allows to survey the area from 3 km altitude where the UAV is completely invisible. At the same time it can clearly “see” everything that is happening on the ground.

The data from UAV are transferred to mobile control point in real time mode. Therefore the ground groups of environmental authorities quickly response to any small fire sources. Thermal imaging cameras are very effective during night surveys.

“The positive experience of Primorye air base showed us the efficiency of erial surveillance to prevent forest fires, - said Viktor Bardjuk, the Director of the National park. The forest fires are a threat for the endangered animal species, who are shelterless in front of the disaster. We want to thank ZALA AERO, Far Eastern Leopards autonomous company and the Ministry of Forestry and Fauna in Primorye region for their cooperation.”

Although dry weather is favorable to fire escalation, in most cases the main reason is a human. The rules of fire prevention regime strictly forbids use of fire on fields, in forests and other places in the Primorye area.

From the beginning of the fire danger season, the staff of the National park already have extinguished four large fires near the boundaries of the National park. There are few thousands hectares of fields were burned nearby the park territory. Every year local citizen feel the severity of fires – the smoke from local fires sometimes reaches even Vladivostok.


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