ZALA flight team helped Liza Alert in search and rescue mission

ZALA flight team of Siberia and Russian Far East department took part in the search for two missing men, who went on a fishing to a lake in Novosibirsk region. The men were out of contact for two days. On November 3, Liza Alert team got a message about their disappearance. The search mission was complicated by severe weather: strong winds prevented the team to use their copter drone.

Just 18 minutes after UAV ZALA 421-16E launch, they received the first results. Search activities were closed by the evening. Unfortunately, the missing men couldn’t be saved. Both of them were found dead near their boat.

Liza Alert representatives noted that ZALA UAS capabilities, which were demonstrated in the severe climate of Siberia, give a chance for successful result of search-and-rescue activities. 

ZALA flight teams, which survey oil and gas pipelines throughout Russia, will support in future the search activities of the volunteer organization Liza Alert.

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