ZALA UAS detected spent rocket stages of Soyuz-2

All large debris and many small pieces of spent rocket stages were found in Yakutia after Soyuz-2 rocket launch from Vostochny Cosmodrome. The drop zone is cleaned out, the debris are removed from the area.


On May, 15th ZALA search team directed by FSUE "TsENKI"  was deployed in the operating area, that is 180 km away from Vilyusk town. To explore the territory they used unmanned aircraft ZALA 421-16E, equipped with HD video and photo sensors. The total area of surveillance was 706 sq km, most part of it - heavy forests.


Large debris were found in the first days of surveillance. HD video sensor with 60-x optical zoom has a good observation area and allows to have a detailed look at small spots. The UAS operator collects coordinates of the detected pieces and makes a report. After that, UAV with photo sensor captures every square meter of the drop zone so operator can recognize the objects and detect their position.

ZALA search team completed 20 flight missions of 55 hours total duration and captured 32 296 images.


Environmental specialists collected ground samples around the detected objects for chemical tests. Gamma dose rate at the debris location stays within radioactivity background level of the area.

ZALA AERO cooperates with Roscosmos since 2016. During that period ZALA unmanned systems proved their efficiency – reduced search costs and searching time, prevented the potential damage to environment.


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