ZALA UAS protects Tyumen forests

A light plane takes off from the launcher and disappears in spring skies.
Roads, forests and fields are under its wings. The picture is shown on three screens at once - here is the map, UAV flight track and live video.
ZALA 421-16E is the unmanned aerial vehicle, made by Russian leading manufacturer - ZALA AERO. The UAS is operated by two persons, the ground control station is located on  off-road minibus.
UAV operating altitude is around 700 meters, operating range - 70 km. So its efficiency is much higher than vehicle patrols.
Using ZALA unmanned systems the officials already have detected 7 illegal loggings  whith total damage amounted 12,5 milion roubles.
Andrey Zalomov, the State environment protection inspector, says:
 ZALA unmanned aerial system, that we have bought last year, carries out different tasks - like aerial monitoring, search for forest poachers in our region.
Also we help to control the water resourses and detect forest fires at its initial stages.
We greatly improved our work results since we got ZALA UAS. You know, there are some places which we can not reach even on snowmobiles. We also save resourses, like fuel for example.
Besides, now we can find illegal activities at day and night.
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