ZALA UAS survey the Arctic and Antarctic Regions

The Arctic and Antarctic Regions – are unique territories in climate, geographical position and concentration of natural resources. This areas – are valuable source of scientific data about the past of our planet. They help researches to understand how global climate changes and make accurate forecasts for future.

Not long ago scientists used ground vehicles and satellite images for their research. For a long time drones were not suitable to be used in the Arctic because the freezing cold damaged electronics and gale-force wind knocked over the vehicle during flight. For this conditions ZALA AERO developed a special UAS – ZALA ARCTIC.

ZALA ARCTIC UAS are resistant to cold temperature down to - 50°С, up to 20 m/sec windspeed, independent from satellite navigation systems, capable to land on a ship or water. Intelligent algorithms allow to complete flight mission even if APH tube gets ice-covered.

ZALA ARCTIC drones successfully survey near the Southern and Northern Poles, providing the scientists and researches with necessary data. For several years they are irreplaceable tool of geological data acquisition.

In the Arctic Region ZALA drones surveyed coastal area. The results of ice reconnaissance allowed analytics to forecast the displacement of ice fields. Since the weather conditions in Arctics change very rapidly, this data is useful for planning works on gas and oil exploitations.

Currently ZALA UAS support the 65th Russian Antarctic Expedition. ZALA UAS perform geological and ice reconnaissance, provide detailed aerial images for further processing and mapping.
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