ZALA UAS will help Liza Alert to find missing people

ZALA AERO will provide Liza Alert search and rescue team with unmanned system ZALA 421-08LA . ZALA flight teams, located in more than 60 regions of Russia, will help the volunteer organization to search for missing people. The cooperation was announced on VI Liza Alert team all-Russian forum.

UAV will help the volunteers to find missing people in hard-to-reach areas and also will shorten the search time when every second counts.

ZALA AERO specialists will train representatives of Liza Alert team how to operate the unmanned system, so they will be able to use it independently.

ZALA UAV 421-08LA is a time proven, autonomous system, capable to operate in severe weather conditions. Its endurance is 1.5 hr, video range – up to 30 km..

Also ZALA flight teams, based in 60 regions of Russia, who survey pipelines of oil and gas companies, will also help Liza Alert to find missing people. This year they already have taken part in two search and rescue missions. Application of UAV proved its efficiency. High resolution aerial images allow to create actual search maps. Real time video stream and AI-based software greatly improves search techniques.

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