ZALA unmanned system will help to protect Yokanga river from poachers

Yokanga river is a unique place on the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk region on the North of Russia. This is where the Atlantic salmon and other valuable fish run for spawning. One individual fish may weight up to 30 kg. Although the river is located quite remotely, it is very popular among tourists and, of course, among poachers.

Earlier environmental organizations used manned helicopter to inspect the area. But this method has some disadvantages – besides, it is highly expensive, it is less effective since the helicopter noise during flight can be heard from far away and lets the lawbreakers hide before they can be detected. During polar day they hide under camouflage net or under bushes so that they can not be recognized from the helicopter.

Unmanned system ZALA 421-16E is equipped with video camera and a hypersensitive thermal imaging camera, silent and invisible in the sky during flight. Its video signal range covers more than 70 km. That allows operator early detect poachers, transfer they coordinates to ground groups via mobile devices. The video data may also be used as an evidence for further consideration in court.

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