ZALA unmanned systems detected illegal loggers in Primorye, Russia.

Federal National Guard Troops Service, Federal Security Service department and Forestry authority together inspected local forests and apprehended illegal loggers who were cutting Mongolian oaks – valuable wood species. The law breakers were detected by means of ZALA UAV 421-16E.

Since they started to apply ZALA unmanned systems for regular surveillance, the illegal loggers became easier to detect. Unmanned aerial vehicles regularly monitor horizonless forests daily and nightly, giving a rapid overview and helping to find violators. Also ZALA UAS are used for fire-protection inspections.

Thanks to application of unmanned systems, law enforcement authorities and environmental organizations may not only catch the law breakers red-handed, but also use the photo and video as evidence in court.

Now all the materials of the detected illegal loggers are given to necessary authorities for further consideration.

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