The new ZALA VTOL was presented at the closed presentation of ZALA EXPO, which began on April 13

This model is a modernized version of the legendary ZALA 421-16E system, which combines the best qualities of aircraft and helicopter types of drones.

ZALA VTOL can change the configuration depending on the conditions of the task being performed and provides a huge potential for monitoring and aerial photography of any hard-to-reach places and areal objects.

The computing power of the ZX1 on-board computer based on artificial intelligence makes it possible to process data in Full HD and transmit HD video and photos over encrypted communication channels to the ground control station, ensuring the effectiveness of monitoring even before the aircraft lands.

The lightweight UAV is easy to operate and can stay in the air for up to 4 hours in an aircraft configuration. Its main advantage is the absence of the need to use a specially equipped launch site, full compatibility with new payloads, ground control equipment, software and hardware solutions of the ZALA UAV model line, and also allows the installation of additional geodetic equipment.


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