ZALA 421-16Е HD

  • Range 75+ km
  • Endurance 4+ hr
  • Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
  • Wingspan 2 815 mm

Time-proven, the most popular type of UAV in the ZALA product line. Launches from a pneumatic catapult.

The increased lifting capacity of the aircraft enables additional equipment to be installed on board for comprehensive analysis of the underlying surface characteristics.

Broadcasting a video stream in HD format provides the ground station operator with a detailed video image in real time.

Key benefits

  • High-performance on-board computer
  • Communication range of 75+ km
  • Option to install additional equipment
  • Underwing 24 MP camera
  • Accurate positioning (RTK Ready)
  • Signal retransmission
  • Radio Interference Resistance
Range 75+ km
Endurance 4+ hr
Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
Wingspan 2 815 mm
Takeoff weight 10,5 kg
Maximum payload weight 1,8 kg
Wingspan 2 815 mm
Engine type Electric
Endurance 4+ hr
Range (video) 75+ km
Best operational altitude 200 - 5 000 m
Ceiling 5 000 m
Speed range 65 - 110 km/hr
Launch Pneumatic catapult
Landing Parachute, airbag
Operating temperature range -40°С … +50°С
Maximum wind speed 15 m/s
Navigation INS with SNS correction, double-range finder, ZALA alternative navigation field, video navigation (VNS)
  • HD video camera Z-16VHD60
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD thermal imaging camera with video camera and laser marker Z-16IRQ-V/L
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD video camera with thermal imaging camera Z-16VHD20-IRA
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera with video camera Z-16F7 series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Two photo cameras with video camera Z-16F8 series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera and multispectral camera Z-16AGRO1-F1
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Gas detector with video cameras Z-16GAS-M-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Dosimeter with video cameras Z-16 GAMMA-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Alarm system with heading view video camera Z-16SOS-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera Z-OEM-F1
    Type «16»