ZALA 421-16Е2

  • Range 30/60+ km
  • Endurance 4+ hr
  • Takeoff weight 7,5 kg
  • Wingspan 2800 mm

Hand-launched tactical UAV with the best payloads with guaranteed 4+ hrs endurance.

Perfect choice for aerial reconnaissance, mission support, search and rescue.

Extended endurance, silent operation, ability to be launched from unprepared sites, wide model range of interchangeable payloads, intelligent software and efficient energy consumption make this system flexible and multifunctional. Airbag protects payload during landing.

Having preserved all the best features of its predecessors (UAV ZALA 421-16E and UAV ZALA 421-16EM class) this UAV is the embodiment of the most advanced and prospective field proven technical solutions.

Key benefits

  • Rapid deployment
  • Long endurance
  • Easy launch
  • Protection of payload while landing
  • Advanced interchangeable payloads
Range 30/60+ km
Endurance 4+ hr
Takeoff weight 7,5 kg
Wingspan 2800 mm
Takeoff weight 7,5 kg
Maximum payload weight 1,5 kg
Wingspan 2800 mm
Engine type Electric
Endurance 4+ hr
Range (video channel) 30/60+ km
Best operational altitude 100-5000 m
Ceiling 5000 m
Speed range 65-110 km/h
Launch Pneumatic/mechanic/elastic catapult
Landing Parachute, airbag
Operating temperature range
Standard -40°С … +50°С
Arctic -55°С … +40°С
Tropical -30°С … +55°С
Maximum wind speed 15 m/s
Navigation Inertial navigation system with SNS correction (GPS/GLONASS) and two independent radio-range finders
  • HD video camera Z-16VHD60
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD thermal imaging camera with video camera and laser marker Z-16IRQ-V/L
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD video camera with thermal imaging camera Z-16VHD20-IRA
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • HD video camera Z-16VHD20R
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Thermal imaging camera with video camera Z-16IRA-V/L
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera with video camera Z-16F series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera and multispectral camera Z-16AGRO1-F1
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Photo camera and thermal imaging camera Z-16F-IR series
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Gas detector with video cameras Z-16GAS-M-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Gas detector with video cameras Z-16GAS-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Dosimeter with video cameras Z-16 GAMMA-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Cross-band relay Z-16RELAY-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»
  • Alarm system with heading view video camera Z-16SOS-VR
    Type «16Е5», «16Е+»